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“Applying plant science with an artistic eye”

About John's Growing Solutions

My name is John Schluckebier. I have offered my plant-related services as John’s Growing Solutions to SE Wisconsin and nearby areas since 2008. In 2018, I returned to Arizona after living in Wisconsin for 20 years. My experience working with plants in Arizona is equally extensive and includes 10 years working outdoors with desert plants. In total, I have devoted nearly 45 years of my life working with plants. Almost all the work I do myself; therefore, you will receive the benefits of my knowledge and experiences directly. Please look at my qualifications for further information!

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  • Arborist Services

    John’s Growing Solutions specializes in precision, attractive, hand pruning by a Certified Arborist with over 25 years of experience in pruning!

    • Professional hand-pruning of smaller trees (up to 30’ in height)
    • Tree health and hazard evaluations/consultations
    • Disease and insect control/treatment
    • Tree inventories/identification

  • Plant & Landscape ConsultationsFree Estimate
  • Landscaping Services

    My specialty is landscape maintenance to insure your property looks its best. I can also design and install smaller landscapes. The following is a partial list of services I offer:

    • Landscape bed renovations and yard cleanups
    • Drip system installation and maintenance and irrigation timer programming
    • Plant fertilization and soil testing
    • Weed control – prevention and control of present weeds
    • Insect and disease control (including Mauget injections)
    • Planting and maintaining wildflower beds
    • Maintaining citrus, cacti, agaves and succulent plants
    • Gardening assistance – flowers, fruits, vegetables and herbs